Aurora and the Betrayers

Branding, typeface, LP design, poster and apparel design for Aurora and the Betrayers.

I D E N T I T Y ,  C U S T O M   T Y P E F A C E ,   A L B U M ,   P O S T E R  &  M E R C H  D E S I G N
Aurora & The Betrayers is a quickly emerging band from the musical scene of Madrid (Spain), with roots in soul music, rock 'n' roll, american folk, blues and gospel.
I was asked to create some designs for them, which included their own identity, a custom typeface, album cover, gig poster and some merch.
Starting with a monogram design, I developed a stamp based on old victorian aesthetics as to the briefing of the band, coming up with a few different options, always looking for an aged and kind of rough vibe.
Finally the image below was chosen as the final artwork.
Custom Typeface

Part of the job was to create a typeface for the logo. From there I went on developing the whole alphabet (Capital letters), to be prepared for future jobs, like posters, album covers, apparel etc.
Identity proposals
LP vinyl Record Design
Vinyl label design.
Poster Design
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