Mambo Collective

Branding and art direction for Mambo Collective. Mambo is a collective of photography focused on street and water sports, landscape, nature, portrait, urban and street photography.

Mambo Collective.

Mambo is a photography collective from different fields and backgrounds like water and street sports, landscape, nature, portrait, architecture, and urban/street photography amongst others.
Mambo Collective is a project linked to a way of thinking, feeling, travelling and discovering, trying to catch the essence of any situation, anywhere, anytime just with one shot.
I did the branding and art direction for their starting project.

Have a look of their work right here.

The photography was the main key to understand the mood on the creative process.
All the shots shown below belong to Mambo Collective.
Every so often, they also produce limited edition prints,  t-shirts and some apparel.
Beanie label detail.
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